"Hijama & Aromatherapy" Course & Workshop in Leicester in September, 2011

The following is a an announcement by Dr Amal from The Optimum Cure in Leicester, about their forthcoming Hijama & Aromatherapy course.

Hijama Course Starting Soon in Leicester, England

What is hijama?

• Hijama (حجامة‎ ) comes from the root al-hajm, which means “sucking”. Alhijama is the name in Arab traditional medicine for wet cupping. It is a form of medical treatment that has been recommended by shariah. Hijama therapy (cupping) is an ancient therapeutic process and well-known method of treatment, which has been practised by the Arab and Chinese for thousands of years. Hijama is now a well established health profession. It is a holistic approach that has received wide recognition throughout the world.

Details of the course:
• The course is designed for mature persons with an explicit interest in studying alhijama therapy that they can use in helping others within the community, to follow and are interested in spreading out the Sunna
• The new and unique trend in this course is a quick reference to how to use the aromatherapy and essential oils in conjunction with Hijama to treat some conditions.

Aim of the course:
• The aim of the course is to diagnose and treat a wide variety of health conditions according to the practical and theoretical principals of hijama.

Course Duration:
• Three months.

Course fee:
• £400

Course delivery:

To cater for all preferences; the course is going to be delivered as
• A distance learning online course as well as
• In the form of hijama classes lectures at the Optimum Cure Centre in Leicester

Course syllabus:

You will gain a thorough knowledge in Hijama, covering the following topics;
• Definition and aim of the Hijama (cupping) therapy.
• Remedies from the Sunnah, Hijama in Islam.
• Hijama (cupping) in modern times.
• Benefit of (Hijama) cupping therapy.
• Skin
• Blood
• Effect of Hijama (cupping)
• Physiological basis of Hijama (cupping)
• Hijama (cupping) instruments and tools.
• Preparing for Hijama (cupping).
• Methods of Hijama (cupping)
• Dry Hijama (Cupping)
• Massage Hijama (Cupping)
• Wet Cupping Hijama (cupping) procedures.
• How To Make Incisions
• Important Cupping Points
• Areas of Hijama (Cupping)
• Hijama (cupping) therapy in the treatment of common disorders.
• Notes on miscellaneous disorders.
• Precautions and contraindications
• Health And Hygiene
• First Aid
• Consent and medical Form

Exams, assignments and other forms of assessment:
• Throughout the course the candidate is going to be assessed through some simple questions to test his/her knowledge
• At the end of the course the candidate will be asked to provide 1200 word essay (with a range of 200 words) about the most recent researches in hijama.

• There is 1-3 days workshop to attend as part of the course.
• The workshop is the opportunity to practice hijama under supervision; you can take it immediately after having finished the course or at a later date according to your convenience.

Workshop fee:
• The 1-3 days work shop fee is £75 (include the hijama (cupping) set and all other materials.

• To book send an email to: hijama@theoptimumcure.com
• To download the course application form please visit www.theoptimumcure.com or click here.

More information:
If you have any enquiries, send an email to: hijama@theoptimumcure.com
Dr Amal (0044) 07880741045, (0044) 01162107387

The Optimum Cure


Tel: (0044) 07880741045, (0044) 01162107387
Email: info@theoptimumcure.com or hijama@theoptimumcure.com
Website: www.theoptimumcure.com


Our thanks to Dr Amal from The Optimum Cure from, Leicester England for sharing the above post. If you have any questions or want to leave some feedback on their course, then please do so via a comment* below.

If you are a hijama therapist or patient and are happy to share your knowledge or experience via a guest blog-post like the one above, please send me an email to: hijama.mail@gmail.com.

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