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The following questions have been answered by Dr Rizwhan Suleman of ICAHT

Question by Shafiq Haq on 30 April 2013

Assalaamulalaykum, Hi I have had hijama done on me several times. Once for a left shoulder problem and another time for my Low back pain. Alhamdulillah those problems disappeared instantly but I have had the sunnah hijama and hijama done on my head but I haven’t felt any difference at all and it’s been several weeks. My cupping therapist couldn’t provide an explanation. I wanted to know if this is normal and how to deal with it



Hijama can give instant results and relief for specific types of problems, especially where blood (oedema/inflammation) is causing pressure within the tissues or the tissues have been starved of a good blood supply due to slow and stagnant blood flow. In these cases the release of pressure or the sudden gush of fresh blood supply can often result in relatively instantaneous symptom relief. This is usual also the case when connective tissue that has adhesions or contractions in it get stretched and relaxed by the therapy.

Other conditions will respond differently and especially those that are preventative in their nature as they are attempting to improve the condition of the body as a whole by stimulating an immune response or encouraging the reduction of specific chemical compositions in the blood, affecting something that we can not feel because the nerve receptors in these systems do not give us direct feedback into our conscious awareness. As a result of this we will rarely feel an increase or decrease in their efficiency on a small scale. Only when they become so bad that they cause a major disaster to our system such as a heart attack or stroke will we know that we had something wrong. This is why problems such as high blood pressure and cholesterol are often reffered to as the “silent killers”, as we don’t know anything about them until it is too late.

In contrast to this and in the theme of the last analogy hijama itself could be referred to as the silent healer as it does not always give us feeback as to its effectivness and arguabally we may never know its benefits on an individual baisis as how can we tell that we prevented a stroke? On a collective scale however we can see the benefits as there is some preliminary research that indicates that hijama has cardiopretective properties

(see the following study: shekarforoush et el 2009)

link for study below:



Question by Anonymous on 30 April, 2013 

What does it mean when someone passes when the slits are made but before any blood has been drawn from them??

This is known as vaso-vagal syncope. It can be caused by multiple factors such as fear, the sight of blood, anxiety of treatment, the pain of the cuts or other such stimulus. It is more common in people with low blood pressure and can be a very common side effect of hijama. It can however be easily be avoided by treating the patient laying down, taking blood pressure following the patient screening protocol outlined in the ICAHT course manual .


Question by Lateef Ahmed on 8 May, 2013 

Is Hijama a suitable therapy for Diabetic patients?

Hijama can be used on diabetic patients with caution, if blood sugar levels are controlled and well managed there should be no problems however in patients where this not the case hijama can actually be very dangerous. There are specific precautions that need to be taken in such cases and when deciding on if and when to treat.

Question by Aisha Suha on 15 May 2013


It is not advised to cup a patient near or on an area of a keloid as it it is likely that more keloid will form. You can treat patients with keloid away from any areas of keliod growths but it must be highlighted that there is a risk of more keloid formation.


Question by Anonymous on 18 May 2013

Can Hijama cure brain tumour..?

Hijama could theoretically cause an increase in blood supply to a tumour and encourage its growth so based on this logic it is not advised. There may however be benefits to the treatment that we do not fully understand so I can not fully rule out its potential. ICAHT as an organisation do not treat such patients based on this medical rational.


Question by Farhat Shaheen on 20 May 2013

My father has been diagnosed with depression and then doctor said he has developed Parkinson’s and recently he said he had symptoms of paralysis. It’s been 3 years now and there is no improvement. If he stops taking medicine he again becomes weak. Then i heard of Hijamah therapy. as it is also from sunnah I want him to try it. Can you please tell me would it be that effective in this case? Please help me .. and also how can I convince him to try it?

We have a case study on Parkinsons disease and describe its affects however it must be highlighted that the treatment may not be suitable for vary advanced cases who have become weak.


Question by Nadeem on 20 July 2013


I have question that can hijama be done for my mother her age is above 60 and she is diabetic and blood pressure patient. Please reply me if this will help as these days she is feeling too much dizzyness. Your fast response will be highly appreciated.

Whether or not a person is suitable to have Hijama performed on them is obviously dependent on whether or not it will pose any risks to their health based on their individual condition. Age is not a definitive marker of this suitability as people can be of various levels of health at all ages of life and this does not tell us the answer. We have treated patients as old as 85 and as young as a few years but this has been based on an assessment of their suitability which considered a multitude of factors as taught in the ICAHT patient suitability criteria section of the icaht hijama diploma.

Both high blood pressure & diabetes are also relative indicators of whether or not the treatment is suitable and it is not enough just to know that they have these conditions but it is also important to know the severity of them and how well they are being managed. Only once all these factors have been assessed collectively can a qualified health professional make a sound judgment on the treatment suitability of this patient.


Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013 
I have issue of rheumatism…i want to know Hijama can cure this or not

The immune regulating effects of Hijama can help rhumatisum and I would recommend this as a feasible treatment option to help manage the condition. The cure is from Allah alone and in his hands entirely.


Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013
Is hijamah suitable for male infertility and low sperm count?
It is possible that Hijama could help increase and improve the function of our bodies reproductive organs by improving blood supply to an area and also by its believed detoxifying, relaxing and stress reducing effects 
Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013 
Can Hijama help with with gout?
Hijama has throughout its history been used to treat gout however it is more of a prophylaxis of episodes than a treatment for attacks. There are studies that show higher amounts of uric acid in Hijama blood when compared to venous blood so it make sence for it to be used in this way. Keep in mind small traumas can initiate attacks so Hijama at a local site may initiate a flare up in that area.
Question by Abderrazak on 5 July 2013 

My father has Parkinsons. Is hijama appropriate in this case?

We have seen very promising results for Parkinson’s and the proposed physiological mechanism of its action on the condition is well explained in the ICAHT Hijama diploma. 

Question by Abderrazak on 5 July 2013

My mother has advanced Osteoarthritis of the knee, the cartilage has worn away so she can not walk and when she does she feels much pain. She refuses to have a surgery. Please, we need to know what points in the body we can apply hijama on for this.
Hijama can be applied on the knee joint margins and over tender areas in the surrounding musculature

Question by Anjum on 5 July 2013

Assalamu Alaikum Can Hijama be used for hair regrowth on the head for a balding person? Also does it hurt?
There are many factors that influence hair loss but Hijama can help improve blood supply, reduce stress and remove toxins which could all be considered as influencing factors to hair loss so it is worth a try and I have seen people have improvements when using this method.

Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013

Does age factor count like how old should be the person to get hijamah done? what is the age limit in other words?
There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding on treatment suitability and it is not as simple as too old or too young. The ICAHT Hijama health screen covers this large topic in much detail. 

Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013 

Salamu alaykom Dr, I want to know how u can treat allopecia and problem of hair, where do u put the cup on the body and how many times?

You would need to address the immune system as well as local sites of hair loss.


Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013 

Assalamualaikum, I wanna know does hijama helps for skin like pimples and acne……..I am having moderate acne, pimples and pimple marks all around my face……..I wanna get rid of those becoz of that my self esteem is lacking……can u pleaseshelp me out with this……..should I go for hijama for my skin problem………please suggest me a right path..!!!

We have seen people improve with such conditions using Hijama as it is believed to improve the immune system which prevents infections and it helps balance hormones which encourages healthy balanced skin.


Question by Sumayya on 5 July 2013

My fiance’ is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia. has hijama any cure for his problem?
I have had a high success rate in treating this condition as have my colleagues and students.  


Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013 

Can hijama treat depression?

This is a multi-factorial disorder and multiple angles of management need to be considered. Hijama could be one part of the treatment process.


Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013

Does Hijama work for middle-age acne

Please see above answer


Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013
Cupping has also been traditionally used to help with colds and flus. Can hijama help in preventing colds and flus? How might that work, and what points would help for this?

Hijama is believed to improve immune function by stimulating an immune response exercising your immune system and helping it “stay on its toes”. This would help prevent such illnesses. 


Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013 

Hi i have mild psoriasis and was wondering if hijamah is effective in treating it
This is a multi-factorial disorder and multiple angles of management need to be considered. Hijama could be one part of the treatment process. 

Question by Anonymous on 5 July 2013 

Assalam aleikum Do you think hijamah would be of benefit for someone who has Multiple Sclerosis? 
We have seen very promising results for M.S and the proposed physiological mechanism of its action on the condition is well explained in the ICAHT Hijama diploma. It seems to be more effective in the early stages of the condition only however even the more advanced cases have shown improvementts in energy levels and describe less fatigue. It must be noted that not all cases are the same.   

Question by Shabbir on 5 July 2013 

Salaam all I have recently been told by my GP that my cholesterol level has gone slightly higher than normal. He has advised I watch my diet and take regular exercise to try to reduce it, which I have started to do.However I have been wondering if hijama can also help in this regard.
   It is believed that Hijama could help this.

Question by Nazir on 5 July 2013
Hi I suffer from migraine and have been advised by someone to get hijama done on my head to treat this condition.Is that correct? And would you advise one session or several to treat this problem? Thanks Br Nazir.

Hijama is not always necessary on the head when treating migraine. But generally as a treatment it can be very effective for Migraine as advised by the prophet Muhammad sws.


Question by Ahmed on 5 July 2013 

I have one question.Are there any instances where hijama (wet-cupping) is NOT advised? For example, I am a diabetic. And while I am interested in getting Hijama done, I am worried about what effect removing blood in this way might have on sugar-levels in my body.
There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding on treatment suitability and it is not as simple as a yes or no answer. Hijama can be performed on people with diabetes but only after a number of factors have been considered. The ICAHT Hijama health screen covers this large topic in much detail.  

Question by Sana Ibrahim on 28 September 2013 

Hi I was interested in trying out the cupping treatment but I have a liver problem it doesn’t function as good and I get jaundice often I suffer from dry skin eczema is this really for me will it cure the above
The cure comes only from Allah but hijama may be a treatment option that could benefit you. 

Question by Sumayya Khan on 1 October 2013 

Sallams I just have a few questions regarding Hijama.

1) can the plastic cups that are used during hijama be re-used on other patients after sterilising them or can they only be used once and then thrown away? I am quite confused because I have heard that you should throw them away but another therapist answered that you can reuse them.

2) are lancet pens allowed to be used for all patients. Also do we need to throw the lancet pen away after each patient? If so do u know where to buy these in bulk at a cheap price?

3) does hijama have to performed on the sunnah days or can it be performed on other days as well except Wednesday? Again I have been told by two different therapists that you can only perform on sunnah days and the other said that you can perform on any other days apart from Wednesdays.

Jazakallah khair.

1) The Plastic of  Hijama cups is porous and is therefore not sutable to steralise as bacteria and viruses may be remnant even after washing. The material is not resistant to heat either so can’t be sterilized. It is not worth taking the risk. 
2) Lances should never be reused on different patients as this will spread disease and the pens themselves often get blood on the tips which is non disposable so this can also be a mode of transition.   
3) There are various opinions on this issue, however to keep it simple, it is preferable to have Hijama on the Sunnah days, however in an emergency any day is fine. Avoiding Wednesdays is wise based on the hadith however in some scholars opinions some of the Hijama hadiths in this regard are actually weak hadith.
  Question by Yusri Ashour on 1 October 2013 

Salam ALikom, I would like to know the point of hijamah of carpal tunnel syndrome for the hands also the numbness of the legs and the toe sometimes you feel the foot iced . By the the way my age is 54 , 5 feet 8 inches tall weight 190 lb ,,,,,,cholesterol 180 ,,, Iron level 15.7 ….., ‘. thanks

You would really need to be assessed and examined to give an accurate answer  


Question by Faiza on 25 November 2013


I am writing you regarding my son who has kidney condition (nephrotic Syndrome) since the age of 3. Now he is 13yrs of age & extremely difficult to control his disease. 

Patient with Nephrotic syndrome leaks proteinura (albumin) from blood resulting water retention. Doctors are treating it with steroids since then.

Let me know please if cupping is any beneficial for him.
Hijama could possibly be suitable and it may possibly help. Without examining and assessing it is very difficult to say.


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