Varicocele treatment with Hijama & Tibb-e-Nabawi

This is a guest-post by Abu Abdul Wali – a male cupping therapist based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Varicocele treatment with Hijama & Tibb-e-Nabawi by Abu Abdul Wali

As the West says, Varicoceles are enlarged varicose veins that occur in the scrotum. They are fairly common, affecting 15% of men overall and 40% of men with known infertility. Varicoceles occur most often in the left testicle. Varicoceles are thought to raise the temperature of the testicles or cause blood to back up in the veins supplying the testicles. Although the mechanism by which varicoceles affect fertility is poorly understood, varicoceles seem to damage or kill the sperm.

Varicocele repair is performed by SURGERY to improve male fertility. A small incision is made in the abdomen close to where the testicles originally descend through the abdominal wall. The veins that produce the varicocele are identified and cut to eliminate blood flow to the varicocele.
We simply perform Hijamah as 8 points on the back & few additional points on the front (shown in the pictures).

And to improve sperm quality, we also give “Arad Khurma” for Spermatorrhoea & Oligospermia, & we ask the patient to wear loose clothes & keep the temperature controlled in the mid-section. Tight clothing is against the teachings of ISLAM because MODESTY needs loose clothes, here you can realize the importance of SUNNAH clothing, it is not only for the HAYA but also for a healthy body. And we give a well-balanced diet plan from Tibb-e-Nabawi foods / drinks with least amounts of animal proteins / fats ~ so as to avoid UTI, urine retention & constipation.
In 2012, I had a patient who had undergone Varicocele surgery during 2010 (with no results), he also tried IVF twice (test tube) but Allah’s Will Over-ruled. I performed his Hijamah & the herbal medicine was given & I asked him to wear loose clothes. A diet plan was also advised to minimize urinary tract infections, & to eliminate urine retention & constipation.
I kept calling him for 2 months for any feedbacks but he had no results, & then I lost his number & it was like a forgotten story.
It was before 4 months from today when he suddenly appeared & came for Hijamah once again. I recognized him & it was a surprise for me that his wife was in 8th month of her pregnancy, & we checked again with the family, Alhamdolillah that a child Has Been Gifted to them by Allah.

For building a firm belief on Nabawi medicine, such a success story helps the community.

Abu Abdul Wali

Saudi Arabia



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  1. Posted by Abdulfatah 11 Jul 2021 at 10:20 am Reply

    Salam, For the front area, is it dry or wet cupping?

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