Sunnah Days For Cupping (Hijama) Shawwal 1432 / September, 2011

The following is a guest blog-post by Zahid Malik, a male cupping therapist from Manchester, England.

Did you know that The Prophet (pbuh) explained that Hijama is one of the best medicines that we have? : 

“The best medicine with which you treat yourselves is Hijama”, or “The best treatment you can use is ….Hijama.” 
(Reference: Al Bukhari, 5371)

We hope & pray that you are all in good health & in the best state of Imaan Inshallah.

If you were like most of us during this month of Ramadhan…eating samosas, pokareh & kebabs for almost every Iftar, then you can count on us that this will not do any justice for your internal bodies & organs.   

The fat deposits can lead to serious health complications. A common development related to fried foods is heart disease as they can clog up the arteries & ultimately the heart organ. Ramadhan was the month of fasting & not feasting 🙂

Remember HEALTH is WEALTH and HIJAMA is the fastest & most direct form of DETOX known to mankind! 

The sunnah days for September are:

15th, 17th & 19th September 
equivalent to:
17th, 19th & 21st Shawwal
(Thursday, Saturday & Monday)

Jazakallah khair and thank you for your continued support from all the staff @ The Therapy Clinic, Manchester, UK.

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Br Zahid Malik CMA
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