Study a Diploma In Hijama Therapy by ICAHT in UK

The following is an announcement by Dr Rizwhan Suleman MChiro of the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy, an organisation providing Hijama Training in UK


ICAHT (institute of clinically applied hijama Therapy) would like to announce the launch of its first diploma course in hijama therapy.

  • Over 20 hours of clinical training (with real patients)
  • Face to face class room teaching/lectures
  • Designed & delivered by Doctors and Hijama Specialists
  • Based on sound scientific understanding and research
  • Flexible teaching schedule (suitable for distance learning*)
  • Based at internationally recognised Leicester University Campus UK
  • Legally regulated certification**

(*With selected compulsory attendance dates. **ICAHT is an education category registered trademark, unauthorised use of certification is an legal offence)

Course description:
The hijama diploma involves a careful examination of the hijama procedure, undertaking an in depth study of its physiological mechanisms and interactions with human tissues and applying this understanding to live clinical cases and patient scenarios.  The emphasis of the course is to produce practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of hijama therapy while taking into consideration, religious, cultural, psychological and social implications of its practice. The course is scientifically based, founded on in depth academic research of the topics and shares an abundant wealth of practical & clinical experience that is to be embraced by its participants. 

The diploma  starts with an intensive face to face lecture based course delivered at Leicester  University campus followed by implementation of the theoretical study in a clinical lab based setting where 20 hours will be spent with a Qualified Doctor practicing hijama on real patients seeking care. This flexitime arrangement will be coupled with home work assignments, case studies and a clinical reflections portfolio that will be assessed at the end of the 6 month duration. 

Course topics include:

1.    Directions of practice
2.    Determinants of public health
3.    Influencing Factors of clinical outcomes
4.    Integrative healthcare
5.    Role of practitioner
6.    Historical contexts of practice
7.    Philosophy of physiology
8.    Proposed physiological mechanisms of action
9.    Review of scientific literature and its implications
10.  Equipment review
11.  Hijama Practical skills study
12.  Dry techniques and practical applications
13.  Infection control procedures and practice
14.  Self protection and inoculation injury management
15.  Wet cupping preparations
16.   Techniques of applications
17.  Signs of Pressure loss
18.  Significant anatomy
19.  Manual dexterity training
20.  Aftercare & wound management
21.  Important sites and their significance
22.  Common cupping points (covered by body part)
23.  Common cupping points (covered by conditions)
24.  Health history and Patient screening
25.  Important considerations in patient selection
26.  Absolute and relative contraindications to care
27.  Red flags and referrals
28.  Management of acute episodes in clinical care
29.  Physical examination & deciding where to treat
30.  Treatment plan prescribing
31.  Patient communication and Consent
32.  Patient compliance
33.  Legal requirements and implications of care
34.  Litigation and complaints management
35.  Importance of note taking and storage
36.  Religious implication and spiritual health
37.  Self protection and spiritual healing (ruqiya)
38.  Religious traditions and rulings
39.  Practitioner ethics, code of conduct and duty of care
40.  Manual techniques and methods of treatment

What is ICAHT?
ICAHT is an abbreviation for the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy which is an organisation based in the UK specialising in teaching hijama therapy at the highest clinical level. The institute was founded by a small  a group of doctors, health professionals, academics and hijama practitioners with the goal of elevating the standard of hijama practice in the uk and furthering its understanding through research and clinical experience.

Who are the teachers:
Appointed Teachers for June 2013 diploma include:
Dr Rizwhan Suleman:
A chiropractic Doctor highly experienced in the field of musculoskeletal medicine and hijama therapy. The Founder and Director of Hijama Centres UK ( and an author of multiple articles on hijama therapy, back pain and shoulder disorders.
Br Nurudeen Hassan (BSc M.res):
A highly acclaimed Scientist & researcher practicing in the field of hijama therapy. Specialising in the fields of microbiology & cancer research.  
Dr Karim Idris:
A Medical doctor who has become a full time hijama practitioner specialising in traditional Islamic and Arabic medicine as well as a guest lecturer on the topics of natural health and prophetic medicine.  
Dr Hisham Jaber:
A Syrian Medical Doctor specialising in hijama therapy and a part time PLABs examiner.  
There are also a team of female practitioners that will be assisting in teaching female students.

When is the course?
Compulsory attendance is required on the 10th ,11th ,and 12th of June 2013 and the additional 20 hours clinical experience will be completed on selected dates over the following 6 months. The assignments and case studies will be completed at home and the course will end on the 10th Dec 2013.

Where is the course?
The course will be held at Leicester University Campus in England.

What is the cost?
The course is being offered at the introductory rate of £749 with the Early Bird discount. Additional concessions are being offered to already certified hijama practitioners and a travel allowance of £150 is being offered to students travelling from outside the UK.

How Do I enrol?
or email for further details 


ICAHT (Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy)

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7533 446 373



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  1. Posted by ABDULLAH SHARIEF 26 May 2013 at 2:04 am Reply

    Hi, this is SHARIFF ABDULLAH, an Indian living in KSA. Iam pursuing BASM (Bachelor of Alternative System of Medicine) with Cupping Therapy from Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, Kolkatta.

    I would like to learn Cupping Therapy. Please suggest if any in and around DAMMAM, JEDDAH, MAKKAH/MADINA.

    I had learnt PRANIC HEALING (Basic, Advance & Psychotherapy) from World Pranic Healing Foundation, Manila, Phillipines.
    REIKI (first degree, second degree and ART) from REIKI Center of India.

    Appreciate your positive understanding and prompt response. Jazak'ALLAHu Khair.!!

    Thanks with Best Regards.,
    "Sharing Knowledge increases the Power of Wisdom." ALLAH KAREEM.!!

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