Live Cupping Procedure on the Health Show on Islam Channel on 31 May, 2016


The date of this TV programme was changed last-minute by the TV Station, Islam Channel to 31 May, 2016, so if you missed the live programme, fortunately the recording is now available on Youtube, and we have added it below for you to view it.

The following is an announcement by the London Cupping Clinic about an event on live TV on 1 June, 2016 

Be a part of an audience and watch a LIVE Cupping Procedure on 1 June, 2016 at 9pm  on Islam Channel ( Sky 806).

The London Cupping Clinic provides an array of cupping procedures for people with chronic back and joint pains. A leading team of qualified Doctors with medical background and expert knowledge will carry out a LIVE procedure.

Here is the recording of the Programme, please watch it and leave any comments below the post:

This is a fantastic opportunity for any one who suffers chronic pain or is simply interested in cupping as an alternative therapy, to join us as an audience member in our London television studios in Moorgate.

Witness a live cupping procedure and put your questions forward to Dr Farhat of London Cupping Clinic.

If you can’t join the audience you can watch the show on :

Channel: Sky 806

Date: Wednesday 1 June, 2016

Time: 9pm

To watch online the link for Islam Channel Live is:

For more information contact:

Health Show

Islam Channel

14 Bonhill Street,




Tel: 0207 374 4511 ext. 413



 London Cupping Clinic

10-12 Whitechapel Road

London E1 1EH

Telephone: 0208 265 7235
Facebook page:

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