Intensive Version of the ICAHT Advanced Structural Biomechanics & Joint Evaluation Techniques for Hijama Practitioners

The following is an announcement by Dr Rizwhan Suleman MChiro of the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy, an organisation providing Hijama Training in UK

Intensive Version of the ICAHT Advanced Structural Biomechanics & Joint Evaluation Techniques for Hijama Practitioners on Thurs 25th- Sat 28th May 2016

What is this course about?

This is an upgrade to our Anatomy Course for Hijama Therapists and is the intensive version of the 6 month study program that will help learners begin to understand the fundamental concepts of human biomechanics from a holistic view point. The program will begin by teaching students to use specialised observational and assessment skills to assess the static posture of a patient.

Students will then be introduced to the concepts of segmental joint assessment, in which they will begin to study and evaluate individual joint function in relation to regional biomechanics and assess range of motion (R.O.M) in both the active and passive forms. As students begin to familiarise themselves with the overall principles of functional joint assessments, aspects of biomechanical evaluation and specialised tests will be introduced to empower students with the advanced capabilities of screening for specific orthopaedic disorders as well as utilising the refined art of motion palpation, a skill previously reserved only for the hands of specialist chiropractors and osteopaths.

In addition to this the course will evaluate the use of hijama therapy and its various applications to the topics studied in each session giving students the unique ability to integrate the practice of hijama into the management of biomechanical disorders and specific orthopaedic conditions.

This is a unique opportunity to get hands on and refine your practical skills further through the integration of human biomechanics and functional correction techniques.

Who is this course for?

This course is for hijama therapists and manual practitioners who wish to develop their skills further and gain a better insight in to functional biomechanics and orthopaedic disorders.


What are the entry requirements for this course?

A good understanding of Anatomy is required and therefore admission to this course is only open to those students who have complete our Anatomy Course for Hijama Therapists


Who will teach this course?

This course will be taught by Dr Mike Grice (D.O) and Dr Rizwhan Suleman (Mchiro)

Dr Mike Grice is a World-renowned specialist in the field of Anatomy and intrinsic biomechanics. He is a Lecturer at the University College Birmingham. Having completed a degree in Osteopathy he undertook further postgraduate studies in clinical anatomy and now tours the world delivering lectures on the subject.


Dr Rizwhan Suleman is an experienced chiropractor that has been continuously studying health and medicine for over 10 years. He is one of the co-founders of the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy and has lectured internationally on the topics of Hijama and musculoskeletal health.


How much does this course cost?

The introductory course fee for this study program is £375.


 Registered ICAHT members will be entitled to a 15% discount of all course fees.

Where will the course be taught?

The live sessions will be delivered at the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy teaching centre situated at 83-85 Rolleston Street Leicester, England UK LE5 3SD.


When will the classes be held?


The classes will be held in May, 2016 on the following course dates:

Thursday 26th May 2016

Friday 27th May 2016

Saturday 28th May 2016


How do I enrol?

For more information or to enrol please email


PLEASE NOTE: As this is a practical Attendance course there is a limited number of places available. Apply Early to avoid disappointment.



ICAHT (Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy)


83 Rolleston Street
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)7533 446 373



Tel. (UK): 0800 955 3575

International: 00447533446373


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