IAM Tools 1 Day Course in Leicester for Hijama Therapists by ICAHT on Sunday 15th January, 2017

The following is an announcement by Dr Rizwhan Suleman MChiro of the Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy, an organisation providing Hijama Training in UK 

IAM tools 1 day advanced course in Leicester for Hijama Therapists by ICAHT on Sunday 15th January, 2017


As a Hijama Therapist, this year add this new skill to help with your diagnosing and treatment techniques and get easier, faster and better results for your patients’ aches and pains!

Whether you use tools already or are new to them, these courses are designed to give you the underpinning knowledge required to get the best results from working with this increasingly popular technique.

  • Fast results!
  • Reduces treatment times!
  • Huge hand saver!

Certificate given for 7 CPD hours

Course Outline:

  • Working with tools
  • Anatomy of fascia & mechanoreceptors
  • The neurological response – pain or pleasure?
  • Musculofascial elements & proprioceptive tools – Stecco, Schleip, Mense, Loghmani & Warden
  • Working with movement – why & when

This is a very practical hands on course covering the whole body. All attendees will be provided with a course manual & a CPD certificate for 7 hrs. Polycarb & steel Dolphin training tools will be provided for use on the day.


ICAHT centre of integrative Medicine 

83-85 Rolleston Street, Leicester LE5 3SD


Sunday 15th January 2017 (9.30am – 5.00pm)


Course will be delivered by Dr Rizwhan Suleman (M.Chiro) www.ICAHT.co.uk

Steel Dolphin

    Steel Dolphin, “The Rolls Royce of Instrument Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilisation”

If you purchase a tool along with the course, Polycarb Dolphins are discounted by £10 & steel Dolphins are discounted by 10% to £369 each.


£160 course only

£240 with Polycarb Dolphin (Normally £90 on it’s own)
£529 with SS Dolphin (our most popular tool at 10% discount: normally £410)

Cost for ICAHT members only:

£140 course only
£220 with Polycarb Dolphin (normally £90 on it’s own)
£509 with SS Dolphin (our most popular tool at 10% discount: normaliy £410)

To book you place, go to this link:



ICAHT (Institute of Clinically Applied Hijama Therapy)

Leicester, England
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)800 955 3575

web: http://www.icaht.co.uk


Our thanks to ICAHT from England for sharing the above post. If you have any questions or want to leave some feedback on their training, then please do so via a comment* below.

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