How to establish Hijama – A Webinar by Hijama Nation

The following is a webinar on hijama by Hijama Nation, who provide training in Hijama Therapy.

The topics covered in the webinar are:
1.         What is Hijama?
2.               Who should get it performed?
3.               When to get it performed?
4.               Where to get it performed?
5.                The procedure of Hijama
6.               How many times to get it performed?
7.                Some case study about patients
8.               Case study by our student
9.               How to learn Hijama?
10.          Details about our Hijama Course
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Hijama Certification Course Information
1) The course is flexible which you do on your own pace and at a time that suits you.
2) The course includes online text and practical training instructional videos
3) The course includes live practical training in U.K and through Skype internationally
4) Our course is approved by CMA (Complementery Medical Association)
5) Our students receive certification that allows them to practice Hijama in many parts of the world (Check the requirements of your local City).
6) Our Certification allows our students to become members of CMA (Complementery Medical Association)
This course offers a well-rounded history of Islamic and Chinese natural healing methods. It also focuses upon the Lunar cycle and other issues that pertain to Hijama. Students will learn about;
1. Cupping Therapy: Definitions and types of general Cupping Therapy, rules and history of Hijama, equipment, how Hijama works and  benefits. Hadiths.

 Ibn-Sina (Avicenna) and other Muslim Medics.

2. Hijamaology: Introduction to Islamic Medicine, Ibn-Sina and Humoral Pathology (“Four Humors & Temperaments”), Ibn-Sina’s “Canons of Medicine”, “Quwwat e Muddabira” (or “Vital Force”), Four Humors and Temperaments, Introduction to pathology, medicine and surgery. Introduction to metaphysics, Ruqyah and energy work. Lunar cycle, moon phases, gravity, tides & oceans, and how they all affect Human behavior. Fasting and Hadiths. Hijama Theory, Sunnah points, Hijama point locations and treatments.
3. Physiology, Anatomy & Pathologies: Vital organs, glands and body systems, functions of blood.
4. Best Practices: Patient care and procedures, medical forms and clinic practices. Self care and protection. Health, hygiene and safety Practices. Business practices; fees, marketing, workshops and promotional techniques. Case studies Preparation. 
5. PRACTICAL TRAINING: Patient care and procedures. Self protection, basic, standard Ruqyah and metaphysics. Health and safety. Observations of methods and techniques of dry, massage and wet cupping application. How to use equipment safely and effectively. Practical training of Cupping applications and incision techniques. Case studies & practical exam.
Students will be tested with quizzes, multiple choice questions, essays and case studies at the end of each Unit. There will also be a final written and practical exam at the end of the course. Upon completion of all course requirements, students will be fully trained, qualified and prepared to Practice the healing art of Hijama Wet Cupping Therapy in the real world.
For FAQs about the course or to watch student feedback about the course, please visit

Since this event is not public, don’t enroll through the website. To Apply, email us at

Hijama Nation


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