Hijama Case Studies on High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Asthma, & Pneumonia by Hijama Nation Practitioners

The following is a guest blog-post by Mudassar Raja of Hijama Nation who are hijama training providers. 

The following are some more case studies by Hijama Nation practitioners.
Note: Hijama Nation respects their students and their patients’ privacy so we are not declaring any of the names. These are real case studies, which have been submitted by our students.

Hijama for High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol: A Case Study

Hijama Practitioner Location: Walthamstow, East London UK. Br. A.R’s main illness is high cholesterol and high blood pressure (intermittent). He is on medication and has had hijama on Sunnah points only.
In the 1st session, I used a combination of different hijama techniques, e.g. massage cupping, hijama on Sunnah and kahil points as well as dry cupping on his liver, kidneys and heart points. I advised him to cut down on junk food which can be very harmful in this disease.
Br. A.R had some problem in his shoulders and could not twist his neck. So, I decided to treat his neck and shoulders through massage cupping in session 2. After massage cupping, Br. A.R was able to move his shoulders and neck. His pain was the result of using high pillows on his bed.
My patient’s shoulder and neck pain totally disappeared after 2nd session. Now, in the 3rd session, I treated him from his secondary Sunnah points, also his jagular (Al-Akhda’ain), tailbone, hips, middle thigh (on the back of legs), his calves, both feet and inner ankle. I suggested him to take manuka honey and cut down on junk food again.
Br. A.R felt tired on the day of cupping but after that he felt better and relaxed. In 4th session, I did head cupping on the crown ( yafookh ), used dry cupping on constipation points, general massage cupping and cupping to treat his headaches which were caused due to constipation. I advised him to drink lots of water, also keep fasting on Mondays , Thursdays or in the middle of month.
In the 5th session, I did hijama on Sunnah points and heart points which improved my patient’s overall health and gave him a positive and energetic feeling. Though, I advised him to keep him away from junk food and chocolates which can make him hard to cover the disease.
For 6th session, I decided to work on his pressure points, dry cupping on head, forehead and on kidneys. I advised Br. A.R to get a regular hijama treatment every month, or at least every 2 months.
How did Br. A.R feel after the treatment?
Br. A.R says,’’ my health has improved a lot after wet and dry cupping by the practitioner. Now, I feel less pain in shoulders and feel less headache than before. My blood pressure has turned from high to lower blood pressure point. The cholesterol level has also improved much’’. Br. A.R further explains, 
‘’I would like to continue hijama regularly as I have benefitted from the treatments.”

Hijama for Asthma – A Case Study

This is a case study by one of our students from East London, UK
The patient’s name is G.A, a female, aged 37. She had been suffering from asthma. She took inhalers only when needed. She had back pain and pain in the chest area due to asthma. She had a weak bladder. Her general muscle tone and posture were also poor.
G.A had Hijama a few months back, and as a result of previous session her asthma was better than before. But she still had some mild wheezing at night now.
In the 1st session, I used fixed cluster cupping on the patient’s body to assess the toxins. I also did massage cupping on her back. At the time of second session, the patient’s lung points were very dark. After the session, her asthma was better and she had only mild wheezing at night. I advised her to cut down sugary drinks and to drink water instead.
Over a period of six treatment sessions, I performed hijama therapy on her neck sunnah point and lung points on the patient and as a result, the patient felt lighter, better and active than before. I advised her to take black seed oil with milk. Later,  I worked on secondary hijama points to boost her immune system. I  worked on tailbone area, back of the legs, middle thighs, calves, and the inner ankles and advised the patient not to eat bananas and oranges at night. By the third treatment, the patient had no wheezing that week.
She only felt aches and pain in her legs and shoulders. So, in the 4th session, I did massage cupping on the back, on the muscles of the chest, arms and legs. As a result, the patient] ]>


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