23 December, 2018
This post was published on the Hijama Directory blog at this link: http://www.hijamadirectory.co/clinical-manual-of-hijama-therapy-by-dr-feroz-latib/  and is reproduced here with the kind permission of the owners.
The following is an announcement by Dr Feroz Latib of Aconite Medical, an organisation providing supplies and training in complementary therapies.

“Clinical Manual of Hijama Therapy” by Dr Feroz Latib

Updated and expanded, the essential clinic manual for every serious Hijama Therapist

Dr Latib’s updated Hijama Clinic Manual is now

available for preorder.

This limited print clinic manual of Hijama is filled with Dr Latib’s clinical insights into the most effective Hijama points and their indications for a vast variety of illnesses whether physical, emotional or spiritual.

Why every Hijama Therapist needs this manual:

Guidance on types of Hijama Therapies

The Hijama Clinic Manual first describes the background and proper use of Hijama in detail, guiding the practitioner as to which patients are more suited to the treatment and how much blood needs to be removed in each case. The manual details how to identify constitutions and basic disease syndromes in relation to Hijama therapy.

Indications, Methods and Precautions for each point

The manual gives the full indications and use of every point with regards to which illnesses can be remedied by using the point as well as how to bleed the point and any precautions or contraindications that have to be observed when doing so. This level of detail is not found in any other Hijama book.

Point selection guide for common illnesses

Includes a chapter on Point selection for common illnesses which shows which points to combine for the best clinical results.

Clear images with detailed location guides

Each point is illustrated clearly and the location is described so that the practitoner can easily find the point correctly. Measurements are illustrated directly on the images and subsurface anatomy also displayed when needed in order to show the practitioner exactly where the point is found. Together with this the methods of bleeding are advised.

Instructions on performing basic and advanced bleeding techniques

The Manual includes a section on bleeding methods which shows the basic Hijama methods as well as advanced bleeding methods such as spider vein bleeding, ear point bleeding, emergency bleeding methods etc.

Accompanying Hijama points clinic charts

The first 200 pre-orders will also include the accompanying full colour clinic charts for easy reference in the clinic. The chart shows each point clearly with its name and location and relevant page number in the manual.

For further details and to pre-order, please see this link:


A word from the Author

I have been teaching Hijama, Islamic Medicine and other complementary therapies for over 15 years and this Hijama Clinic Manual is a compilation of what works best in the field of Hijama Therapy

I recommend all Hijama Therapists those who practice Hijama for family friends to secure this to guide your practice and enable greater clinical success with your therapies.

Dr Feroz Latib
Aconite Medical


web: http://www.hijamahbook.com/hijamaclinicmanual/


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