Case Study: Cupping and Herbal Treatment for Hypomenorrhea by Dr Nazri Nizar

The following is a hijama case study kindly contributed by Dr Nazri Nizar, a male cupping therapist from Colombo, Sri Lanka 

Case Study: Cupping and Herbal Treatment for Hypomenorrhea by Dr Nazri Nizar

Patient: Female

Age: 28 years old  

Place of treatment: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Cupping Treatment for: Hypomenorrhea 

What is Hypomenorrhea?: A diminution of the flow or a shortening of the duration of menstruation (Definition of Hypomenorrhea taken from

I would like to share a recent case of a young Buddhist girl aged 28 years old, working as HR trainee in Colombo, who suffered from hypomenorrhoea which is a condition where menstrual flow is very scanty during the cycle and finally culminated in total menstrual stoppage for almost two years.

The parent of the girl had a miserable time when all the available treatment from western to Ayurveda failed to rectify. Al Hamdu Lillaah All Praise due to Allaah she got back the menstrual cycle back to normal after two years of total menstrual cease .

 Our Treatment protocol was Dry cupping under the navel area 5 cups including one above the private part. The patient was feeling uncomfortable due to suction being maximum as it was necessary to induce blood flow in that area.

The patient was given twice a day womb cleaner for 30 days prepared by my good friend Dr Abu Bakr, here we can also give T19 instead. The patient informed me on the 27th day of the treatment, that she felt very comfortable when the menstrual blood started to come and the cycle is regulated now. Allaah Who Gave the cure for He is The Shaafi.

May Allaah Give Shifaa to all Ameen.
Dr. Nazri Nizar
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dr Nazri Nizar

Sri Lanka


Our thanks to Dr Nazri Nizar from Colombo, Sri Lanka for sharing the above post. If you have any questions for Dr Nizar or indeed have been treated by him and want to leave him a testimonial, then please do so via a comment* below.

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