Are You A Hijama Therapist?

Are you a hijama (cupping) therapist?

Quick question: Are you a hijama therapist, or do you know of a local hijama therapist in your part of the world? 

Reason for asking is two-fold:

1) Since starting this blog in August 2008 to provide hijama-related information, we get many enquiries from different parts of the world, asking if we know their nearest local therapists. To date we are still trying to locate therapists in Bahrain, Kuwait and other parts of the world. If you can help, please leave a comment* below.

2) Secondly, there is a hijama directory being compiled at to address this very issue, i.e. Have all therapists worldwide on one directory so people can easily locate their nearest therapist. If you are a Hijama Therapist and haven’t done so already, add your details to this directory, please fill the form at this link:

15 MARCH, 2016: UPDATE : There is now an annual charge of £21 per entry to cover running and maintenance of the new map-based directory. Basic entry is still FREE for a year, however to upgrade to a paid entry (see example at: ), there is a basic verification process we are now trying to implement (after feedback from directory users) which involves providing us copies of documentation by fax or email to prove your credentials, qualifications and experience. 

This will vary from country to country so there is no set format for this yet, however the following is a guide of the sort of items we require to be faxed / emailed to us to upgrade your entry:

  • Certified copy of your ID (passport or drivers licence or similar)
  • Certified copy of your proof of address (utility bill, bank statement etc which shows your address)
  • Certified copy of your qualification/s (any certificate you have regarding your Hijama training)
  • Certified copy of any documents confirming your experience

This basic verification process is proposed so that we have only genuine Hijama Therapists registering on the Directory as in the past 6 years or so, we have sometimes had massage therapists / TCM Chinese medicine therapists (who only provide dry-cupping therapy) and other similar therapists (who are not quite Hijama/ Wet-cupping therapists) registering, in most cases in error (however sometimes even on purpose to perhaps widen to exposure), therefore it has become clear, that at a minimum, there should be a basic verification process to filter out any such entries which are not appropriate or relevant to this directory, which is strictly a Hijama Directory.

Shuaib Suria 



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