An update on Holistic Hijama in UK and USA by Hijama Nation Association

The following is an announcement by Muddassar Raja of Hijama Nation, who provide training in Hijama Therapy.

An update on Holistic Hijama in UK and USA by Hijama Nation Association


Alhumdulillah, Hijama Nation Association (UK) have been working very hard to both revive and establish the Sunnah of Hijama Therapy globally. We are striving to educate the Ummah about Hijama, and train and certify Hijama Practitioners in all countries, inshaa Allah. In many countries, Hijama is not a recognized Therapy and so, it has been difficult for Practitioners to practice without certification or Licensure. 

We have been working very hard towards having Hijama firmly established in the UK now. We are

an Association now and became members of the General regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT). They work with the Federal Regulatory Council (FRC) which is the part of the UK Government. Alhumdulillah, they designated us to be the Lead Advisors of Holistic Hijama in the UK!

We were also able to have Hijama Cupping Therapy recognized as a discipline in its own right and as a Core Therapy Qualification. Alhumdulillah, we now offer a Level 5 online Hijama Course which is an Accredited Higher Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy (Dip.HCT). Our certified graduates are also able to become members of the GRCCT and be on the UK National register. Due to this amazing success, we are now planning to go global!

Recently, we have been researching and establishing Hijama in the USA and Canada, and Alhumdulillah, we have some good news for you!

Our Hijama Training Institute has become the first ever approved Hijama College in USA under the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA). This means that our graduates can obtain a license to practice Hijama Cupping Therapy under Religious Therapy. So we have moved one step closer to having Hijama recognized in the USA, as Hijama Practitioners can practice Hijama under Religious Rights with our Certification and PMA licensure.

So what does this mean for you?

If you live in the USA, and would like to receive Hijama treatment, you can now find a fully qualified, registered and licensed Hijama Practitioner on the HNA Register or PMA Directory.

And if you are already practicing Hijama Therapist or would like to practice Hijama openly and be able to set up your clinic, you can look into our Online Accredited Higher Diploma Hijama Course. You can become a Certified Hijama Practitioner, get PMA licensure, and practice Hijama in the U.S, inshaa Allah.

We currently have a Sale Price of 35% off the Hijama Diploma Course until Sunday 18th Jan 2015. So if you are interested, please email us at to request a brochure.

Our next stops are Canada, Australia, South Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia, inshaa Allah! Please make dual for us in our endeavour and watch this space! We will keep you posted. We need your support and look forward to working with you in the future, ameen.

Also, we are so excited and honoured to share our latest progress with you. We were getting countless emails every week with people requesting contact information and locations of Certified Hijama Practitioners (CHP). So despite being so busy with teaching and training, we decided to compile a list of our graduates for you and we have now launched the Hijama Nation International Register of Certified H

ijama Practitioners! 

You can now easily find a Certified Hijama Practitioner near you by checking on the HNA Register on our website. This list has all our graduates so far (who may or may not be practicing). Then there are our paid and registered members who are highlighted. If you click on their name, their profile page will show up with more detail about themselves, inshaa Allah. We also have several students who are still studying and are located in many countries. When they graduate, they will be added to the Register and become our Members too, inshaa Allah. You can receive treatments from these professionals with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that they have been trained by us, alhumdulillah. Please click here to view the International Certified Hijama Practitioners Register

What if you cannot find a Certified Hijama Practitioner near you? Well, there are two options….

1. You can check the Hijama Directory run by Ahealth. There may be more practitioners in your area on that list. But they may not be certified by us. You can contact them at Ahealth Hijama Directory

2. If you cannot find anyone near you, that means no-one else can either. So there is a need and demand in your vicinity. Therefore, the most logical, practical and spiritually rewarding step is to get trained and certified yourself. So you can offer this well needed service to your friends, family and community, insha Allah.

The Sale offer is 35% off @ £633.75 in one payment
£729 in 3 monthly instalments of £243 via Paypal.

Deadline: Sunday 18th Jan 2015

So I hope we have helped you in some small way by providing this service to you. Inshaa Allah, you and your
family will benefit and experience the wonders of Al Hijama!!!



Hijama Nation



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