Advanced Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis Course for Hijama Therapists in UK in January 2018 by Dr Latib

The following is an announcement by Dr Feroz Latib of Aconite Medical, an organisation providing supplies and training in complementary therapies.

“Mastering Pulse Diagnosis is the single most important diagnostic skill that enables correct diagnoses and successful treatment outcomes” – Dr Latib

Enrol in this practical course to

  • Master the elusive skill of Traditional Pulse Diagnosis
  • Improve treatment outcomes and achieve greater patient satisfaction
  • Gain the ability to diagnose complex illnesses

Most patients nowadays have complex illnesses with a myriad of conflicting signs and symptoms. Often the practitioner is confused as to the correct root syndrome when multiple signs coexist or symptoms are masked or even falsely produced by medication and other factors.

Certain conditions such as cancer, autoimmune illnesses, gynecological disorders etc require fine diagnostic skills to understand what is occurring and how to approach therapy correctly and achieve succesful outcomes.

This is why a practitioner of complementary medicine must be proficient in reading basic and complex pulse images and then interpreting the information gained in order to make the correct diagnosis and apply the correct therapy.

While practitioners may have some information about tongue diagnosis, there is generally a lack of confidence amongst practitioners in pulse readings and this is to be expected when there is a lack of sufficient and correctly structured practical training.

Course overview:

This practical course is the first module in a 3 module series that progresses from basic to advanced concepts in pulse diagnosis for complementary and integrated medicine practitioners. There is both a theoretical and practical component for each module.

Course facilitator:

This course is taught by Dr Latib, a professor of Complementary Medical therapies who has studied a number of disciplines extensively and regularly lectures throughout the world. Dr Latib is also an author of a number of books and articles on Natural Medicine. He currently resides in Australia where he runs a number of practices and continues writing and lecturing.

Dr Latib has been teaching diagnostic skills for almost two decades and is a Master in the art of traditional pulse diagnosis in multiple alternative medicine disciplines.

Who is this course for:

This course is designed for practitioners across all disciplines and is not limited to practitioners of one field. Complementary medicine practitioners as well as integrated medicine practitioners will find the skills gained to be extremely valuable in practice, while Western Medical practitioners who are interested in an alternative diagnostic method to add to their clinical ability will also appreciate the depth and power of the clinical skills learnt in this course.

Course content:

(This first module in Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis will cover:)

Webinar 1:

History of Pulse Diagnosis

Understanding pulse system similarities and differences

Pulse positions and correspondences

Basic tongue mapping

Webinar 2:

Feeling meridian pulses

The 5 basic constitutional pulses

Constitutional tongue maps

Webinar 3:

The 28 basic pulse images

Interpreting pulse images

Interpreting tongue maps

Practical weekend:

The first practical weekend will focus on ensuring all participants are feeling and describing the constitutional and 28 pulse images correctly.

Dr Latib will himself ensure that participants are feeling and identifying the correct pulse and work with each participant in placing their fingers correctly, finding the pulse, feeling the extent, depth, strength and other qualities of each pulse in order to make the correct assessment.

This process takes time and therefore the practical session will be exclusively devoted to this practice.

Thereafter practical diagnosis sessions will take place where participants will perform complete diagnoses using pulse images and a few signs/symptoms in order to determine the constitution and basic root syndrome.

An introduction to advanced pulse diagnosis concepts will also be explored.

By the end of this session each participant will be able to correctly feel and identify the primary pulse images, understand their mechanism and interpret pulse findings to aid or form a working diagnosis.

(Subsequent further online modules will go in depth into the more than 700 pulse combinations and their interpretation and thereafter advanced pulses found in gynecology, pediatrics and other specialties are discussed in detail)

To enrol on this course, visit:


Sat, Jan 27, 2018

Sun, Jan 28, 2018




Dr Feroz Latib
Aconite Medical




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