2nd International Conference on Cupping Therapy

2nd International Conference on Cupping Therapy in Istanbul, Turkey in September, 2012

This is an announcement from the Natural Health Institute Istanbul (NHI) in Turkey in conjunction with the British Cupping Society (BCS). 

We are delighted to inform you of the 2nd International Conference in Cupping Therapy in Istanbul between the dates 28-30th September, 2012.

We write to invite you to attend the 2nd International Cupping Therapy Conference. We believe that this conference will be of great interest to you and are confident that this exciting event will bring mutual benefit to yourself and ourselves. 

The aim of this unique Conference is to bring together leading academic and clinical professionals from all over the world onto a single platform and disseminate research, ideas and developments to the scientific, health professional, student and public communities. 

The main goals of the Conference are;

• To present best practices and research
• To encourage new research
• To exchange of ideas and providing communication
• To improve international standards
• To contribute to the legal regulations of holistic and natural medical treatments
• Obtaining financial support for clinic research

The main theme of the Conference is “Evidence Based Traditional Medicine”; it will last for 3 days and there will be oral/visual presentations, and poster exhibition in the programme.

The 1st International Cupping Therapy Conference, which was held last year, received widespread publicity and interest from not only the scientific community but also the media and general public. As a result there has been a significant upsurge in both demand and practice of Cupping Therapy. We expect that The 2nd International Conference will be even bigger with a wider audience.

We are inviting you to the 2nd International Cupping Therapy Conference by hoping that you will be interested in this ancient treatment method, which still needs more academic research and attention.

To confirm your attendance, please fill the application form located on our website: kupaterapisi.com where there are further details regarding the program.

Warmest regards.

Faruk Günindi
NHI Istanbul Natural Health Institute


Natural Health Institute (NHI)

Phone: +90216 4742373
Website: http://www.kupaterapisi.com


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