12 Steps to Health, Naturally… Book Launch and Introducing the new advance Hijama Blood Analyst course and rakha Fitness.

This is an announcement by Natural Health Natures Finest who are cupping therapists and course providers based in London, England

12 Steps to Health, Naturally. 


We cordially invite you to our health seminar lunch on Sunday 10th February 2013 at London award winning restaurant Yum Yum Thai Restaurant (Halal) from 10am to 4pm. (5 mins walking distance from Stoke Newington Station.)
We are launching TWO health books and one of which is FREE. Introducing our EXCLUSIVE new course; HIJAMA BLOOD ANALYST and new fitness course RAKHA.
And SADLY, this is also a FAREWELL event to our Director and Founder Ms Anisa Kissoon for she will be saying goodbye and venturing into other works and concentrating on those whom she loves dearly. We NHNF thank her for her contribution in HIJAMA, our Muslim community and to our life. Without her efforts we would not know about Hijama and now she’s introducing her last TWO secrets, ‘Hijama Blood Analyst’ and ‘Rakha’. She’s also will be discussing her ‘12 Steps to Health, Naturally’ and ‘Why we need Hijama’ books.
Please spread the words about this event to everyone you know. Great for
networking, new career prospective and for those who are enthusiast with
natural living lifestyle.
ONLY £27 (plus the online charges fees) buy NOW at www.nhnf.co.uk


What is life without good health? You can be the richest, smartest and the most beautiful person alive…
BUT without good health what can you do?

With people now waking up and realising that all these pills and wrong information is NOT helping, many are turning to alternative methods of treatment… The question is now what do we do?

Well we have put together the best of the best! 

After travelling, studying and treating for many many years… NHNF have now made it easy for you and complied a one day course that will enable you to go straight home and get the benefits right away!

NO other course out there has done this!!!!

You will learn more about how to take care of yourself than your doctor!

You will be able to put these steps into action and start living a more healthier life and more importantly help and teach yourself, family and friends.

You will learn how to treat and prevent skin related problems, high blood pressure, fertility, weight loss, headaches, stress, depressions and much much more.

You will also have the opportunity to start a business or learn more in these areas.

Key Highlights;

*Hijama/cupping therapy (offer of FREE certified course)
*Exclusive to NHNF, Hijama Blood Analyst (where you can actually see what is in the blood, live!)
*NEW Rakha fitness… Fitness for your mind, body and soul (Be a part of the next biggest thing in fitness)
*and much more

Event includes lunch at award winning restaurant (HALAL)
Discount price 27 per person Usually 75

If you want this tour in your town or city please contact us. 

For more info on event or to enrol please see www.nhnf.co.uk and sign up to be members.

Helping you live life naturally…. 
Please note NEW email address

07877541990 07877395362

Natural Health Natures Finest


27 Georgia Road,

Tel: 02087654615
Mobile: 07877541990
Email: info@nhnf.co.uk
Website: www.nhnf.co.uk

Our thanks to Natural Health Natures Finest from Croydon, London, England for the above post. If you have any questions for them about their courses or indeed have been treated by them and want to leave them a testimonial, then please do so via a comment* below.

If you are a hijama therapist or patient and are happy to share your knowledge or experience via a guest blog-post like the one above, please send me an email to: hijama.mail@gmail.com.

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