1 Day Comprehensive Hijama Clinic Courses in Luton, England

 The following is an announcement by Br Yasin of the Hijama Clinic in Luton England

Hijama Therapy Certification Course

Learn the techniques and benefits of Hijama therapy in a one day intensive course, delivered by The Director of Hijama Clinic and Certified Practitioners. Males and Females welcome.

The course will teach you:

  • How to diagnose, make case studies and treatment plans according to the Sunnah.
  • When and when not to treat, whom and whom not to treat.
  • Modern day health and safety responsibilities
  • Emergencies and first aid.
  • Ruqyah and the Hijama Therapist

– A fully comprehensive 1 day course including theory and practical
– Fully insured and legally regulated certification
– Continued professional support & guidance

Preview of topics covered:

What is Hijama

  • What is Hijama?
  • The History of Hijama
  • Types of Hijama

The Sunnah of Hijama

  • The best days for Hijama
  • Where to cup & Sunnah points
  • Hijama for Sihr / Ruqyah
  • Traditional, modern and scientific views of how
    cupping works
hijama cupping course

The Human Body

  • Ways of removing waste
  • The Traditional view of how Cupping works
  • Blood pressure

Medical Conditions

  • Fainting
  • Anaemia
  • Heart Conditions

Enrolling now for 2013…

Price: £475 per person.
**Early booking price of £395 available, please call 07946 272133. **
Location: Luton, UK
Saturday 31st August (Males)
Sunday 1st September (Females)
Sunday 8th September (Females)

Further dates and locations to be announced soon
Tel: (+0044) 7946 272 133
Email: enrol@hijamaclinic.net

Course Faq’s

Can I really learn Hijama in one day?

Yes Islam is simple and the Sunnah of Hijama is simple. It has been practised by many cultures through the centuries. So we are not teaching something very complicated. However there are certain health, safety and medical standards which need to be observed by law and practioners must be aware of.

What about the practical?

After we have covered the theory we will teach you the practical and will make sure you are 100% confident in practising before you leave!

Can I practise straight away ?

Yes upon completion of the course we will issue you with a certificate allowing you to practise straight away.

Do I need to be registered with any other organisation?

No. There many complementary health organisations out there which have their own membership arrangements, however they are not legally binding.

What if I have a question after the course?

You are more than welcome to contact us for ongoing support.

The Hijama Clinic

United Kingdom

Tel: (+0044) 7946 272 133

Web: www.hijamaclinic.net


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